Fire Watch Security Guards

McCray Global Protection can provide dependable and skilled fire watch security guards to ensure the safety in your locality. When the alarm system is down, a security guard responds to it immediately to alert everyone for any potential fires. Their security guards are specially trained for fire protection and having years of experience, we are prompt, insured, and highly professional. McCray Global cares about your safety, hence why they are always ready to provide high quality fire watch services. The need for fire watch security can arise at any time. It may be short or long term, planned or unexpected, their fire watch guards are always there to ensure your premises are protected. They customize the solution according to your specific need and their fire protection services are nation-wide, cost effective and available 24/7. They have served over 1,000 clients in all 50 US states. Contact their professionals for consultation on their fire watch security services. 

Hire a fire watch guard from McCray Global Protection

– They provide services for every sector: commercial space, construction sites, special event, apartment buildings, unexpected failure of equipment, etc.

– Their guards provide detailed reports of the incident from start to end. Documenting the incident accurately is important as it is helpful to both the client and the police investigator.

– Their guards remain alert and active and hence, patrol the premises every 30 minutes to ensure the safety.

– Their guards are familiar with facilities and procedures for raising the alarm in the event of a fire and notifying people in the times of emergency.

– Responsive, reliable & well-trained professionals.

– Licensed fire watch security officers all over the U.S.

– Cost effective solutions

– Available 24/7, 365 days a year

Retail Loss Prevention services in New York , NY

Retail Loss Prevention

McCray Global Protection: Your Partner for Unparalleled Retail Loss Prevention Services

McCray Global Protection stands as a premier nationwide security guard service, safeguarding clients’ businesses, employees, and assets. With a focus on retail loss prevention, they understand the heightened risk of loss in retail stores due to theft, shoplifting, fraud, and shrinkage. Offering tailored solutions, McCray Global Protection employs skilled professionals adept at deterring shoplifting, mitigating conflicts, and harnessing real-time incident reporting technology. This proactive approach ensures comprehensive protection for retail establishments, fostering a secure environment for sustained success.

Tailored Solutions for Retail Security Enhancement:

McCray Global Protection can create an effective prevention plan to help reduce your costs, prevent loss, as well as improve your inventory management. McCray Protection has helped some of the world’s largest retailers in reducing shrinkage. Their team of retail loss prevention agents are thoroughly trained on deterring shoplifting, deescalating conflict, and making apprehensions, if necessary. Their agents can be in uniform or in plain clothes to prevent and apprehend shoplifters. With the use of real-time & digital incident reporting, McCray Protection agents have mitigated security risks in brick-and-mortar stores. With the experience and knowledge to work on levels of Loss Prevention including the installation of technology for electronic tagging. They aim in minimizing loss and promote a safe, welcoming and secure environment for everyone at your retail location.

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Nationwide Security Guard Services

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Our Security Solutions

McCray Global Protection is a reliable security guard agency that currently serves clients in all 50 US States, helping to maintain a safe environment for your employees and the public. Our unarmed and armed guards are proactive and always ready to protect your property, people and your assets. We offer security guard services 24/7, 365 days a year. Our company has developed a reputation of delivering security guard services at its finest to industry-leading clients. Our security agents are well trained, fully licensed and always alert. We use real-time, digital incident reporting to collect data of the incident. Our company’s security guard management software helps our customers pinpoint their most critical security risks and liabilities via data analytics. From an initial consultation to hiring staff, from providing security guards to providing corporate security strategy, McCray global protection can provide you a customized service that exactly meets your security needs.

McCray Global Protection is in the security industry since 2013, offering all sorts of security services nationwide. We have been providing security guard services for retail stores, residential communities, warehouse facilities, construction sites, school campuses, and healthcare complexes. Out of all our security services: Retail Loss Prevention, Fire watch security, Commercial building security, Residential building security, Construction site security, Special event security, School security services, Healthcare security services, etc., we specialize in Retail Loss Prevention and Warehouse Asset Protection. Looking for security guards for single premises, events or for on-going security services? You’re at the right place! Our dedicated team is available to help you get the right service at the best price. Contact McCray Global Protection for consultation on security protection services in New York.

Why choose McCray Global Protection for Security Guard Services?

  • Our company is committed to the same vision: that we will deliver excellence to our customers, regardless of the day, regardless of the hour
  • Years of experience 
  • Dedicated security professionals with immense knowledge, skills and experience.
  • We use real-time, digital incident reporting to collect data of the incident
  • We offer custom security guard service
  • Reliable, trained and skilled staff
  • Wide range of security guard services for every sector
  • Affordable solution