Fire Watch Security Guards

McCray Global Protection is your go-to firm for security purposes, and our wide range of services allow us to offer fully customized solutions backed by world-class customer service.

McCray Global Protection can provide dependable and skilled fire watch security guards to ensure the safety in your locality. When the alarm system is down, a security guard responds to it immediately to alert everyone for any potential fires. Our security guards are specially trained for fire protection and having years of experience, we are prompt, insured, and highly professional. We care about your safety, hence we are always ready to provide you with high quality fire watch services. The need for fire watch security can arise at any time. It may be short or long term, planned or unexpected, our fire watch guards are always there to ensure your premises are protected. We can customize the solution according to your specific need. Our fire protection services are nation-wide, cost effective and 24/7 hrs available. We have by far served over 1,000 clients in all 50 US states. Contact our professionals for consultation on our fire watch security services in New York.

Hire a fire watch guard from McCray Global protection

– We provide our services for every sector: commercial space, construction sites, special event, apartment buildings, ongoing security need, unexpected failure of equipment, etc.

– Our guards provide detailed reports of the incident from start to end. Documenting the incident accurately is important as it is helpful to both the client and the police investigator.

– Our guards remain alert and active and hence, patrol the premises every 30 minutes to ensure the safety.

– Our guards are familiar with facilities and procedures for raising the alarm in the event of a fire and notifying people in the times of emergency.

– Responsive, reliable & well-trained professionals.

– Licensed fire watch security officers all over the U.S.

– Cost effective solutions

– 24/7, 365 days available

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